March 2019: Welcome to new lab members Adam Fishburn (MGG) and undergraduate Matthew Kenston!

February 2019: Welcome to rotation students Adam Fishburn and Leslie Herrera!

January 2019: Happy new year! Marine and Priya’s review on using -omics approaches to study arbovirus-vector interactions is published in Frontiers on Cellular and Infection Microbiology!

December 2018: Priya’s postdoc work on flavivirus-host protein interactions is published in Cell!

November 2018: Welcome postdocs Efra Rivera-Serrano and Rob Stott! Welcome to rotation students Adam Fishburn and Osman Sharifi! Bon voyage Tyler and Nick!

September 2018: Welcome rotation students Tyler Laird and Nick DeCuzzi!

July 2018: The Shah lab turns one! Happy Birthday!

June 2018: Priya Shah receives the Gardner Fellowship from the Center for Comparative Medicine to develop a zebrafish microcephaly model. Let’s get our toes wet!

June 2018: The Montpetit, Fraser and Shah labs receive a Keck Foundation Award to study flavivirus-host interactions!

April 2018: Undergraduate Shahabal Khan joins the Shah lab! Welcome!

February 2018: Welcome rotation student Gabriel Subuyuj!

December 2017: Nitin Beesabathuni and Shiaki Minami join the Shah lab! Welcome!

October 2017: The first experiment of the Shah lab begins with making IMDM and thawing cells!

September 2017: Dr. Marine Petit arrives to begin her postdoc. Welcome!

September 2017: The lab BUA is approved! Time to do some science.

August 2017: Undergraduates Ariana Nagainis and Kush Patel join the Shah lab. Welcome!